Carly DeCotiis, MA, NCC, LPC, ACS, CCS, CCTP-II

My approach:

I take a genuine, real life approach, utilizing various therapies, breaking them down so they are understandable and then relating it to the patient’s actual life, not hypothetical situations. In my experience, a majority of patients understand the necessary changes that need to be made to improve their lives, however there are significant barriers in their way that keep them from making those changes. ​These barriers are often not addressed in therapy, consequently hindering the patient from improving their quality of life. I address these barriers and work with the patient to aid and EMPOWER them to break through their obstacles.


BA- Psychology-Rutgers University

MA- Clinical/Counseling Psychology-Fairleigh Dickinson University


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC- NJ 37PC00433500)

National Certified Counselor (NCC 279796)

Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS 01647)

​Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS 802)

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2 (CCTP-II 366118)


- Behavioral Tech- 5 day DBT foundational training & 40 hour DBT skills training 

- Janina Fisher's Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Training Level 1- Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma 

- Janina Fisher's Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Training Level 2- Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders

 - Overcoming Trauma- Related Shame and Self- Loathing with Janina Fisher 

- Trauma Defined: Bessel van der Kolk on the Body Keeps Score 

- 40 hour domestic violence training  

Professional Experience:

Princeton House-Women's Trauma Program

Resource Center of Somerset- Domestic Violence Agency

​UMDNJ-University Behavioral Healthcare

High Focus Centers